McCann Road Traffic Improvement Initiative

This site provides documents and information concerning safety and level-of-service issues on McCann Road in Felida, Vancouver Washington. This site is maintained by the McCann Road Volunteer Traffic Committee.

Next Public Meeting:


Most Recent Public Meeting:

Wednesday February 7, 2012;  7 to 9 pm
Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Document Library:

    August 10, 2009: Neighborhood Letter to Clark County Commissioners

    May 18, 2010: Notice and Invitations to first Public Meeting

    May 18, 2010: Presentations of the Volunteer Traffic Committee and the Clark County Transportation Division at the first Public Meeting

    June 15, 2011: Invitation to Public Meeting for June 15, 2011

    June 15, 2011: Public Meeting Presentations

    January, 2012: Invitation to February 7, 2012 Public Meeting

    February 7, 2012: Presentation Slides from the Public Meeting

    October 4, 2012: Update e-mail from Steve Schulte of Clark County

    January 31, 2013: Update e-mail from the Committee